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Volume33, No 3
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Effect of Gentianae Macrophyllae Radix Pharmacopuncture at Hwando (GB30) on Neuropathic Pain in Tibial and Sural Nerve Transected Rats   
Ook Jae Lee, Seon Wook Kim, Jeong Cheol Shin
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):1-16.
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Analgesic Effects of Taxus cuspidata Pharmacopuncture Using Different Extraction Methods on the Formalin-Induced Pain Model   
You Bin Shin, Hyun Jong Lee, Jae Soo Kim, Yun Kyu Lee
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):17-28.
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The Effects of LR3 and SP6 Acupuncture on Liver Damage of Streptozotocin-induced Diabetic Mice   
Sung Jin Kim, Yun Kyu Lee, Hyun Jong Lee, Jae Soo Kim
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):29-43.
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The Effects of Gall Bladder Jeonggyeok and Seunggyeok on Radial Pulse Variation in Healthy Human Subjects   
Yun Joo Kim, Jae Hui Kang, Kwang Sik Yoon, Seoung Eun Jo, Seo Jin Hong, Gee Won Yun, Seo Young Oh, Hyun Lee
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):45-66.
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Problems and Potential Improvements of National Health Insurance Fees Associated with Miniscalpel Acupuncture※   
Se Jung Oh, Mu Seob Park, Jung Hee Lee, Seung Ah Jun, Han Mi Gong, Seong Hun Choi, Min Hwangbo, Hyun Jong Lee, Jae Soo Kim
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):67-73.
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Effects of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at SP6(Sanyinjiao) on the Temperature Change of Feet in Healthy Adults※   
June Hyun Kim, Han Gyul Choi, Min Cheol Park, Eun Heui Jo
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):75-87.
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Preliminary Study to Develop an Objective Method for Evaluating Facial Palsy Sequelae Using Facial Scanning System   
Soo Hyeong Ryu, Su Yeon Lee, Hong Guk Kim, Dek Woo Ryoo, Sung Jin Kim, Seong Mok Jeong, Seung Won Baek, Bon Hyuk Goo, Min Jeong Kim, Yeon Cheol Park, Byung Kwan Seo, Sang Soo Nam, Yong Hyeon Baek
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):89-99.
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Effects of Ukgansan Pharmacopuncture at GB20 on Cognitive Impariment Induced by Focal Brain Injury in Rats   
Jung Hun Lee, Tae Jun Yang, Sang Jun Jeong, Tung Shuen Wei
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):101-116.
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Clinical Observations of Complex Therapy, including Electro-acupuncture and Magnetic-acupuncture, for Treating Peripheral Facial Nerve Palsy   
Seo Young Oh, Hyun Lee, Jae Hui Kang
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):117-127.
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Review of Acupuncture Manipulation in Clinical Trials※   
Ha Ra Kang, Young Doo Choi, Yu Na Choi, Eun Jung Kim, Min Seop Hwang, Hyun Seok Cho, Seung Deok Lee, Kyung Ho Kim, Kap Sung Kim, Chan Yung Jung
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):129-144.
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Factors associated with willingness to participate in clinical trials for cancer patients: an exploratory narrative review※   
Kun Hyung Kim, Bo Yown Hwang, Gyung Mo Son
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):145-152.
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Miniscalpel Acupuncture Therapy for a Patient with Traumatic Tears of both Meniscuses: A Case Report   
Jung Hee Lee, Mu Seob Park, Se Jung Oh, Yun Kyu Lee, Hyun Jong Lee, Jae Soo Kim
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):153-159.
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Miniscalpel Acupuncture Treatment on a Knee Degenerative Osteoarthritis Patient, Who does not Responded to Acupuncture Treatment※   
Mu Seob Park, Se Jung Oh, Jung Hee Lee, Seung Ah Jun, Han Mi Gong, Seong Hun Choi, Min Hwangbo, Hyun Jong Lee, Jae Soo Kim
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):161-168.
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A Case Report of Diplopia after an Orbital Wall Fracture Treated with Korean Medicine Treatment   
Jung Hwan Kim, Min Soo Kwon, Dae Hyun Jo, Hee Jin Jo, Ji Eun Choi, Ji Sun Han, Ye Eun Cho, Yong Suk Kim, Jung Won Kang
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):169-179.
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A Clinical Case Study of a Patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Type Ⅰ Treated by 8 Constitution Acupuncture   
Min Hyok Hwang, Yun Kyu Lee, Jae Su Kim, Hyun Jong Lee, Sung Chul Lim
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):181-187.
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A Comparative Study of Improvement of Neck Pain According to Hospitalization Period in Patients of Neck pain Caused by Traffic Accident   
Tae Gyu Kim, Young Woo Seo, Yoo Jong Kim, Jeong Ryol Lee, Jae Young Choi, Ji Su Kim, Seh Young Kim, Han Sol Park, Eun Jeong Jeon, Ki Ok Kim, Min Ho Lee
The Acupuncture. 2016 ;33(3):189-195.
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The Effect of Traditional Korean Medical Treatment on Low Back Pain during Pregnancy: a Report on Three Cases   
Su Yeon Lee, Soo Hyeong Ryu, Hong Guk Kim, Dek Woo Ryoo, Sung Jin Kim, Seong Mok Jeong, Bon Hyuk Goo, Min Jeong Kim, Yeon Cheol Park, Yong Hyeon Baek, Sang Soo Nam, Byung Kwan Seo
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):197-205.
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The Effect of Korean Medical Treatment on Systemic Sclerosis : A Case Report   
Myung Kwan Kim, Jeong Gyo Jeong, Kyung Min Kim, Hyun Ji Kim, Jung Ho Kim, Young Il Kim, Ju Hyun Jeon
The Acupuncture. 2016 September;33(3):207-218.
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